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How To Save Your Dining Room Chairs From Kids

Your dining room furniture is a big investment that you want to protect as much as you possibly can. But, if you have kids, keeping your furniture looking new and clean can be a constant task. Even the most well behaved children will occasionally accidentally spill something or drop messy food on your chairs. Here are just a few of the ways that you can save your dining room chairs from kids. Choose Child Friendly Dining Room Chairs The best way to keep your dining room chairs looking new longer, is too choose chairs that can stand up to children. Wood and leather chairs can easily be wiped off if there is a spill. However, you need to keep in mind, that leather will stain. If you prefer upholstered chairs, check to make sure that the chairs are treated to resist stains. You can also opt for darker colors that will hide stains or choose a microfiber that is stain resistant and easily cleaned.  Keep the Chairs Hardware Tightened While adults are definitely heavier than children, children tend to move around in their seats a lot. All of this constant fidgeting can cause the screws and bolts in your chairs to become loose. Loose hardware can lead to broken chair legs and injuries. To protect your dining room chairs, inspect them as soon as you notice any loose or wobbly pieces and tighten the hardware. Vinyl Dining Room Chair Protectors There is a wide variety of vinyl dining room chair covers on the market that will fit literally any chair. Vinyl is the very best way to keep your upholstered chairs clean. But, vinyl can be cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. They can also be noisy when someone moves around in the chair. If you feel like you need the protection of vinyl for children, consider using them only when you need them and just putting the cover on the child's seat. Dining Room Chair Pads Dining room chair pads are simply flat pillow like pads that are tied to your chairs with strings. This type of chair pad offers several advantages. They are a great way to protect your chairs, they add extra cushioning and they are also very decorative. For example, red chair pads would be ideal to use for Christmas. Chair pads can be safely surface washed if there's a spill. And, they are very affordable. Dining Room Chair Covers Unlike protectors and pads, dining room chair covers generally cover the entire chair. The cover slips over the chair and is sometimes tied to the chair by strings that are attached inside the cover. Most chair covers can simply be thrown in the washer, or dry cleaned. Depending on the material that you choose, chair covers can look very modern or very traditional and elegant.

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