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What is the best material for exterior shutters?

Cedar wood: The reason cedar shutters are so desirable is because they offer certain characteristics that no other material can match such as natural beauty, durability, and resistance to rot or insect damage.Polyvinylchloride (PVC): PVC plantation shutters in Sydney have the same properties as cedar shutters without offering any of the beauty or durability. If you are looking for an exterior shutter to cover up your window quickly and cheaply, then PVC is probably what you want to go with since it will be cheaper than other materials used for exterior shutters. PVC is also better for wet areas since the material is water resistant and does not absorb moisture.Metal Shutters: Metal shutters in Sydney are durable but they have no natural beauty, which means that they can possibly detract from the rest of your home's design if not installed properly. They also require regular maintenance in order to ensure their longevity because metal rusts over time unless additional measures are taken during installation. However, there is one benefit of metal shutters, they tend to offer great thermal insulation during extreme weather conditions.Wood Shutters: Wood shutters are significantly more expensive than PVC, vinyl or metal. They also require regular maintenance, and can rot from moisture if not properly cared for. However, they do have the benefit of having natural beauty and lasting durability compared to other types of materials used for exterior shutters. If you want to make your home look beautiful while keeping it comfortable with high quality insulation during extreme temperatures, then this is what you should use when installing exterior window treatments.Vinyl Shutters: Like any type of shutter, vinyl shutters come in a range of colours that will allow homeowners to install them on windows that face the front yard without worrying about whether they will match with the overall look of their house. They also come in a number of styles and shapes to make them more attractive for your home.

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